Part of Fortune
There are at least thirty-seven Arabian parts that are vestiges of Medieval times
when Arabian astrology found its way into Western astrology through the influence
of Moslem thought. These parts are imaginary spots in a chart that are computed
from the addition and subtraction of three or more points. The most commonly
used Arabian part in Western astrology is the Part of Fortune.

The Part of Fortune is considered a fortunate (lucky) point in the horoscope, a
point of harmony, success, and ease. In
Joy and the Part of Fortune, astrologer
Martin Schulman notes, "The Part of Fortune represents that place in the
horoscope where, within himself, the individual knows he must not compromise his

The house indicates the area in which we find fortune and success and the sign
shows how the energy of the part can best manifest in our lives. To calculate the
Part of Fortune, the Moon's position is added to the position of the Ascendant, and
the position of the Sun is subtracted from this sum.
The formula is: AS + Moon - Sun.
Part of Fortune through the Signs
Aries Your drive and energy allow you to create your pot of gold. But you have to
know what you want, set clear goals to attain it, and then see it through to the end.
The more open and receptive you are to the forces and synchronicities in your life,
the easier the process will be.

Taurus Your greatest joy lies in what is stable and enduring. You attain it through
your considerable patience and perseverance. Don't get hung up in the destructive
forces of your polar opposite (Scorpio); this will only deter you from the path.
Rather than resisting change, surrender to it.

Gemini Your greatest joy manifest in learning and communicating what you learn.
Guard against becoming judgemental. As long as you follow your impulses and
listen to your inner prompting, your intellectual passions will lead you to your pot
of gold.

Cancer Your profound emotions seek to nurture and nourish ideas and people
from birth to maturation. You find your greatest joy through family and the home,
in your role as a nurturer, and in activities that revolve around these things.

Leo You achieve your pot of gold through following your own code of excellence
and integrity. You should remain generous to others, but realize they must follow
their own paths. Once you incorporate this tenet into your approach, whatever you
achieve also benefits the wider social order.

Virgo By avoiding the polarity tug of Pisces to live in the past, you are more firmly
rooted in the here and now. You should strive to create an organized and efficient
framework in which to live in the present. By tempering your logic with Pisces
compassion, your pot of gold lies at your fingertips.

Libra Through unselfish cooperation and partnership with others, you attain your
greatest joy. This doesn't mean, however, that you should allow your own desires to
be subsumed. By seeking the ideal balance between self and others, your pot of
gold flows into your life.

Scorpio Your best vehicle to manifesting your Part of Fortune is through your
intense desire to pierce the meaning of hidden, mystical truths. Once you realize
that you can't control other people's beliefs and actions, that you can only
enlighten them about what you have discovered, your pot of gold flows into your

Sagittarius Your best approach to manifesting the Part of Fortune is to be who you
are. Let your sense of adventure and natural curiosity about universal truths lead
you to your greatest fulfillment. Understand that you can't transfer your happiness
to someone else.

Capricorn To manifest your greatest joy, you need only do what you already do
best: erect structure in your life, have clearly defined goals, and an underlying plan.
Once you have charted your course, stick to it until you achieve what you set out to
do. Your pot of gold is literally what you win through your own determined efforts.

Aquarius Your universal awareness allows you to live with one foot in the future.
This is not how other people conduct their lives, but so what? Once you accept the
fact that you are different, your path unfolds. It leads you to a pot of gold that
benefits not only you, but everyone around you.

Pisces To fully realize this placement of the Part of Fortune, you must cultivate the
inner atunement necessary to hear the powerful voice of your intuition. Your fertile
imagination and deep compassion then take you where you need to go. With this
placement, the pot of gold is the rainbow itself.
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