Pluto: How you Transform and
  Regenerate Your Life
Destiny. Transcendence. Redemption. Purge. Power. Afterlife. Good and evil.
Pluto's influence is never ambivalent or passive. Although it sometimes works in
subtle ways, its repercussion in our lives is far-reaching and transformational. Its
two extremes are best symbolized by Hitler and Gandhi, each man possessed of a
vision that he manifested in physical reality. Both men had a mission, a sense of
destiny; but one caused massive destruction and the other elevated mass
consciousness. In our personal lives, Pluto's influence is no different. Pluto tears
down the habits and belief systems, the very structures that Saturn has helped us
build, thus forcing us to transcend the rain .. or to smother in the debris. Pluto,
discovered in 1930, is the most distant planet from the Sun. It exists at the very
edge of our solar system, its light so dim it seems almost etheric. It takes 248 years
to complete a circuit of the zodiac. Popular astrological theory says that Pluto, like
Uranus and Neptune, wasn't discovered until humanity had evolved to the point to
be able to understand its energy. "Through It", writes Steven Forrest, "we embody
the visions and terrors of humanity. We represent them. We serve as a living
symbol of some communal need or fear." Through Pluto, we tap into that which is
larger than our individual selves. We tap into the collective mind in all its
hypnotizing horror and magnificent beauty. Since Pluto's discovery, its influence
has been observed in only Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. In the late fall
of 1995, Pluto slipped into Sagittarius. The transformation under this influence is
apt to be enormous and far-reaching, completing the collapse of old paradigms and
belief systems. Pluto, the higher octave of Mars, governs various types of occult
practices: black magic, levitation, witchcraft, and reincarnation. On a personal level
in a horoscope, Pluto's influence is most powerful when it occupies a prominent
place or rules the chart.
Pluto through the Signs:
Aries It begins the reform, but doesn't have the staying power to finish what it
starts. This transit will begin in 2082 and end in 2101. Perhaps the Aries pioneers
will be heading out into the solar system to explore new frontiers on other planets.

Taurus Resists the initial change, yet slides in for the long haul once the process has
started. Pluto goes into Taurus in 2201 and stays there for thirty-one years; the
Taurean energy will help settle the new frontiers.

Gemini Regeneration manifests through the dissemination of ideas and through
communication. In 2132, Pluto will go into Gemini for thirty years. New forms of
communication and new ways to disseminate information will be found under this

Cancer Regeneration comes through deep emotional involvement with the home
and all that involves the home and homeland. Pluto in this sign will domesticate
new worlds.

Leo Regeneration manifests dramatically through power struggles on an
international level. The last time Pluto was in Leo, a power struggle led to World
War II. Hopefully, when this transit comes around again, war will be obsolete and
Leo's power struggles will have to take place on other levels.

Virgo Purging occurs through a careful analysis of what is and isn't essential.
Under the last transit in Virgo, great advances were made in medicine and
technology. Given the rapid change in both fields, there is no telling where the next
transit through Virgo may lead!

Libra Regeneration comes through a revamping of views towards relationships,
marriages, and partnerships. By the time this transit comes around again, marriage
and family may bear no resemblance at all to what they are now.

Scorpio This is the eleventh hour placement of Pluto, which prevailed from 1983 to
1995. We suddenly realized that global warming wasn't just a buzz word; it's a fact!
AIDS became a terrible reality. Alternative medicine became the most popular kid
on the block. Gender, racial, sexual, and legal issues .. everything pertinent to our
survival as a society and a species .. was on the evening news.

Sagittarius In this sign, the transformation will either succeed or fail. If it succeeds,
then it is quite possible that we will be bound as nations through our spiritual
beliefs rather than our profit and loss statements. If it fails, chaos ensues.

Capricorn This rolls around in 2017. With typical Capricorn practicality and
discipline, the pieces that Sagittarius spat out will be sculpted and molded into
something useful. This will be the reconstruction period of the Aquarian Age. Kinks
will be worked out, rules established. During Pluto's last appearance in Capricorn,
the United States was founded and the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Aquarius In 2041, the new order will be ready for Aquarius's humanitarian reforms.

Pisces This begins in 2061. Who besides Nostradamus would presume to predict
what might be happening? One thing is sure, though. With Pluto in Pisces, we will
at least have a deeper understanding of who and what we are and what makes
it all tick.
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